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Livingway Family Church has a full-time dedicated staff to serve the needs of your spiritual life.  Our desire is that every person attending Livingway Family Church truly connects with the heart of the church.  If you are looking to get more involved, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 956-548-2223.

Dr. Bill & Anne Moore

Dr. Bill & Anne Moore

Dr. Moore has been in ministry for over 25 years, he began his ministry at the very young age of 14, licensed and ordained in 1984, Bill accomplished many things by the mighty hand of the Lord even as a teenager. He made an impact on his High school, as he unashamedly led Bible groups with hundreds in attendance. During his teenage years is when he began traveling to cities conducting “Taking Your City For God” rallies, a ministry designed to help churches reach their cities. The very first campaign in Seguin, Texas made such an impact on the city he received a letter from the Mayor. Bill moved more into the local church ministry in 1985 after marrying his wife Anne. They have three boys; Ryan, currently serving as the Worship and Youth Pastor with his wife Jacquey,  Marcus, and Christopher.  All three boys serve along the sides of their parents in the music ministry.  The entire family serves the Lord and the local church with their whole heart since they have been residing in Brownsville, Texas.

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