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Youth Mission Statement

Anchored Youth is a place that is full of God-centered, fired up youth that are ready and willing to change the world at all costs for the kingdom of God. We have a local vision to change youth within our city and we have a global vision to change youth around the world. We are passionate worshipers that place God above everything else and worship Him with a whole heart. We have a whole lot of fun, but we meet God in a new way too. We believe that Jesus is the son of God that came down from heaven to make a way for us to get out of our sin and He gave us a new life in Him. We believe that we should die to our selfish ways, so Christ can live big in us. We believe in the bible, the word of God, that gives us the truth to stand for what we believe in. We also believe that there is always more to know and learn about God, our savior Jesus Christ and The holy spirit.

If we make this declaration happen as a body youth and adult leaders, we will see the vision pastor has laid before us come true and that is to see 300 strong youth here on Wednesday Nights. Together we can make it happen!

Your Youth Pastors,

Ryan and Jacquey

Our Facility consists of:

Laser Tag
Go-Karts (open on special occasions)
Swimming Pool (open on special occasions)

Come back to the youth table on Sunday’s for more info!