Livingway is a Church with a Passion for the people, a passion for the community, and a passion for Christ. We are reaching up, reaching in, and reaching out touching the city, the nation and the world.

Why Give?

We give because we are blessed, we give to bless others, we give because Christ first gave to us. The Church is called to be a blessing to the entire world, and we know that without the support of the body of Christ we would not be able to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Not only do we serve a great God, but we serve His Kingdom and His people. As a church we know that we are not only a building, but a people called to carry the gospel to every corner of the earth. This is a mission that you are capable of doing, we all our called to do more, and reach more people daily. Remember our mission daily, Thank you for visiting us. Thank you for giving us your time and Thank you for donating to the ministry of Christ. We value you, and value your generosity.